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What I'm looking for is something that can translate 'tomorrow at 6am' or 'next moday at noon' to the appropriate datetime objects.

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parsedatetime - Python module that is able to parse 'human readable' date/time expressions.

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This library is amazing. Thanks for that. –  ereOn Oct 15 '12 at 11:44

See what you think of this example from the pyparsing wiki. It handles the following test cases:

in a couple of days
a couple of days from now
a couple of days from today
in a day
3 days ago
3 days from now
a day ago
10 minutes ago
10 minutes from now
in 10 minutes
in a minute
in a couple of minutes
20 seconds ago
in 30 seconds
20 seconds before noon
20 seconds before noon tomorrow
noon tomorrow
6am tomorrow
0800 yesterday
12:15 AM today
3pm 2 days from today
a week from today
a week from now
3 weeks ago
noon next Sunday
noon Sunday
noon last Sunday
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Like you, I landed here from google, and I was writing up what I learned about dealing with parsedatetime output (results come back as a tuple; results are encoded as a struct_time object, etc.) but then stumbled into this answer on another thread which is awesome and includes a nice little function to return parsedatetime calls as datetime objects. Read it!

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