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I am trying to fix problem with FB share button in http://davitpir.ack.neowebservices.co.uk/offer-61.html

You can view the source (html code) I have set the meta title, description etc correctly.

But when I click on share button it is sharing "Davit Pirvelashvili" which is the title of other pages not the offer page(i.e. the link I have mentioned above)

How can I make the FB share button share the correct title and description.

You can view-source of the above url to see the title/description that I have mentioned


Strangly it is working fine for http://davitpir.ack.neowebservices.co.uk/offer-83.html

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The OpenGraph tags can get cached (I'm not sure the term FB uses). But if you test your URL with:


It forces the cache to update.

EDIT: After using the debug tool the title is correct for me.

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