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I have defined the following tables with their attributes:

Table A)    Table B)    Table C)
- ID        - ID        - ID1
- Name      - xxx       - ID2
- Address   - yyy       - zzz
                        - ...
                        - ...

I have two questions:

1) In Table A), ID is my primary key. The ID attribute in Table A) and Table B) are the same and I am not sure if in Table B) ID can be used as a primary and foreign key? Apparently, ID is also a primary key in Table B) but at the same time a foreign key for Table A). Is that allowed?

2) In Table C) I need both attributes ID1 and ID2. None of the two by itself is a primary but they ned the attribute zzz to be. However, the two attributes ID1 and ID2 are more or less interchangeable so that I have the possibility to create two different primary keys: 1) ID1 + zzz OR 2) ID2 + zzz. I am not sure if it matters which key to choose or if this scenario is allowed at all. Or is the primary key in this particular case the combination of all 3 attributes ID1, ID2 and zzz?

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  1. If ID in A and B is the same then you can merge the two tables and put same ID:

    Table AB)

    so ID should not be the same...

  2. You can use the primary key as combination of ID1 and ID2

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