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I have this xml returned from sql :

  <Record CIMtrek_Keywords="Bus Dev|Ser Del|Sol Del|?" />

and i want to put these values one by one in combo box, sample code is below which has got Increase and Decrease as value same way i would like to have Bus Dev and Ser Del and Sol Del and ? one by one

<select size="1" style="width:60%;" name="CIMtrek_CI_CER_Type"
                                                <option value="0">Select Fund Type</option>
                                                <option value="Increase">
                                                    <xsl:if test="//Record/CIMtrek_CI_CER_Type/text()='Increase'">
                                                        <xsl:attribute name="selected">true</xsl:attribute>
                                                <option value="Decrease">
                                                        <xsl:attribute name="selected">true</xsl:attribute>

This is how i created combo box from the values which is in xml generated from SQL query :

<xsl:for-each select="//CIMtrek_CarrierName/Record">
                                                            <xsl:attribute name="selected">true</xsl:attribute>
                                                        <xsl:attribute name="value"><xsl:value-of
                                                            select="@CIMtrek_CarrierName" />!@#$%^*!<xsl:value-of
                                                            select="@Carrier_LateContacts" />!@#$%^*!<xsl:value-of
                                                            select="@Carrier_Contacts1" />!@#$%^*!<xsl:value-of
                                                            select="@Carrier_Contacts2" />!@#$%^*!<xsl:value-of
                                                            select="@Carrier_Contacts3" /></xsl:attribute>
                                                        <xsl:value-of select="@CIMtrek_CarrierName" />

with BeniBela answer i am not able to put things in, like the above code,

Hope BeniBela can help me to figure it out.

How to do this,

Please help me,

Best Regards.

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The tokenize() function does exactly this. Note that takes a regular expression, so | has to be escaped as [|] leading to:

for $o in /Keywords/Record/tokenize(@CIMtrek_Keywords, "[|]") return
  <option value="{$o}">{$o}</option>

That new xml can be converted to xquery like this:

for $r in //CIMtrek_CarrierName/Record return  $r/
  <option value="{@CIMtrek_CarrierName}!@#$%^*!{@Carrier_LateContacts}!@#$%^*!{@Carrier_Contacts1}!@#$%^*!{@Carrier_Contacts2}!@#$%^*!{@Carrier_Contacts3}">
  {  if (//Record/CIMtrek_RegWhseCo_Carrier/text()=@CIMtrek_CarrierName) then attribute selected { "true" } else (),
     data(@CIMtrek_CarrierName)  }

The intitial $r/ changes the context, so we do not need to write $r/ before every attribute access, the xsl:value-of becomes {..} and xsl:attribute becomes an xml-like attribute declaration or 'attribute name {..}'

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are you there? I have a query please – Java Questions Feb 19 '13 at 12:56
@Anto: yes. what kind of query? a xquery? – BeniBela Feb 19 '13 at 12:58
Thanks BeniBela I will update the question, I am not able to put things in right place. Yes it is regarding xquery only. I am very new to xquery – Java Questions Feb 19 '13 at 13:02
Beni i have updated my question please have a look at it – Java Questions Feb 19 '13 at 13:05
@Anto: updated... – BeniBela Feb 19 '13 at 13:29

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