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The problem is this: I've got a column (named name)which consist of names for Example "Иван Кирилов Петров", "Нина Семова Мариножа" and so on.

So I want to make a query which will get all the names that has first name 'Иван' and last name 'Петров'; The second name doesn't matter so i will put * wildcard character.

Also there is a bigger problem: I should be able in a case if the user writes "Иван Кирилов Петров" to find this exact person

what I have tried :

I made the field text_ws type and tested the following queries:


perfect - it finds what I want - all the names with first Иван and last Петров;

But then i want to find Иван Кирилов Петров i get no response because I want to make an exact search and my type should be string

How can I solve this!

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I don't think you need a wild-card query. If you are only splitting on white-space during index time (text_ws) and you get complete first, last and/or middle names for query, you can do an AND query like

q=name:(Иван AND Петров)



Update: After your comment, I see that this will do a bag-of-words search and won't preserve the order. I guess you need to keep a string copy field of name, say name_str, which will give you more search options. For example, if there are 2 spaces in the query, meaning you get the first, middle and last names, then you can do an exact match on name_str like


If you are using Solr 4.0 and above, then regex query on the string field can help you. You can do


will match anything that begins with ИВАН and ends with ПЕТРОВ.

or even


Unfortunately, there is no Solr wiki page on regex search yet, but you can google around.

You need to distinguish between the different types of queries you want to do and do different searches. Maybe give a check-box to your users asking if they want an exact match or not.

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NO unfortunately q=name:(Иван AND Петров) gives me the names with second name Петров; oh it seems thay a wildcar character in field with withspaces is really a nightmare –  user1966221 Feb 19 '13 at 19:17
i made name: string and I tried q=name:/ИВАН.*ПЕТРОВ/ Ubfortunately it doesn't find any result –  user1966221 Feb 20 '13 at 3:56

Try adding autoGeneratePhraseQueries="true" flag on your text_ws type definition. And use debugQuery=true flag to see how it does the matches against the field. If the basic thing work, you can then look at pf3 flag in eDismax configuration to boost the query matches.

Solr also comes with dedicated Token Filters for Russian, but you probably don't care about that for the people's names.

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hey thnank you Alexandre, but I don't know how suddenly the case where I search a person by first and last name doesn't work - q=name:Иван*Петров and ican't explain why but now when i write "ИВАН МИНЧЕВ ПЕТРОВ" it works –  user1966221 Feb 19 '13 at 18:00
Use debugQuery and see what happens. Also, in Solr4 Admin WebUI, there is analysis tab, you can put text there and see what comes out. Finally, with eDismax you can search against multiple fields at once, so maybe you need copyField and different processing on different fields to handle different scenarios. In the end, it is all about tokenization (analyzers on your text type), so in complex cases you do have to think it through. –  Alexandre Rafalovitch Feb 19 '13 at 19:42

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