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I have question on spring mvc and jsp pages location under webapp vs under WEB-INF.

Lets say we have below setup.


I can refer to pages from browser using urls like http://host.com/app/index.jsp and from there I can link (a href) to register.jsp. From register.jsp I post to controller which can return success view that resolves to success.jsp (using InternalResourceViewResolver).

If I move jsp pages under WEB-INF (instead of earlier under webapp) I will be unable to refer http://host.com/app/index.jsp from browser. Also from success.jsp currently I link to index.jsp using a href="index.jsp" which will need to change to map to controller (may be at / like the dispatcher servlet) that would return index as view name. So all my links will need to be served by controller. am I right ? or is there a way to refer to jsp pages without any mapped controller when jsp pages are located under WEB-INF (given InternalResourceViewResolver is configured).



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You are absolutely right. You cannot refer to JSPs inside WEB-INF directly from browser. And this is very good. All you requests should be forwarded to JSP via controller, and all your JSP should be under WEB-INF. There are many reasons to do so:

  • Users cannot get actual source of you JSPs, and it positively impacts on security.
  • Many JSPs rely on some request attributes to exist (The Model). When user calls JSPs directly from browser, the Model is not present. This may break some logic.
  • One JSP under WEB-INF may be used to serve different URLs without any changes, and users will know nothing about it!
  • It's just a good practice, when you do MVC (Model 2, not Model 1)

Considering you question about direct referring to JSPs without Controller:

  • You can directly map HTTP exceptions / Throwables to JSPs via JSP error pages. A simple technique is good for custom 404, for example.
  • When using Apache Tiles + Spring and accessing some /notmappedurl Spring (Tiles) will try to find notmappedurl template definition. (From my experience with Tiles + Spring). I think other view technologies have similar behavior.
  • It is not very difficult to write: @RequestMapping("/someurl")void someurl(){}. Spring will try to find someurl view, based on method name. Just a stub.
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seems I will need a consolidated controller mapped to / with more specific RequestMappings at method level to handle all jsps mappings so then I can refer to them in a href as /someurl as per your example. I agree with benefits of doing so but was trying to see if I can get by for certain cases where content is more static but still in jsp just to keep them together in same folder. - Miten. – Miten Feb 19 '13 at 12:06

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