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The environment variable PYTHONPATH is set to $HOME/lib/python.

The file tree in $PYTHONPATH looks like this


both files are empty.

Now I create a simple script containing

#!/usr/bin/env python

print __file__
import bar

and save it as baz.py. If I run the script anywhere other than in $PYTHONPATH/foo it fails to locate module bar.

However if I move the file to $PYTHONPATH/foo and create a symbolic link to that file, I can run it from anywhere. For example:

$ cd /tmp
$ ln -s $PYTHONPATH/foo/baz.py baz
$ ./baz

Yet __file__ is set to ./baz. So how does Python find module bar?

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if foo is in PYTHONPATH then from foo import bar should work anywhere.

Symbolic link is resolved to the path it points to. Then Python gets the real file and the import logic begins.

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