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I'm interested in making desktop widgets, similar to Apple's Dashboard or what Vista has. I'd like to make them cross-platform, if possible. Opera's widgets are cross-platform but require the user to have Opera installed, so that's a big limitation.

I know most widgets are made with HTML/XML, CSS, and Javascript. Is there a way to create them using Python?

Update: I did find a site talking about Pyjamas. Does anyone have experience with it and, if so, what are its capabilities/limitations?

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For anyone that stumbles upon this in future, Pyjamas is a web framework for writing RIA (rich Internet applications). It's a port of Google's (now discontinued?) GWT. – hayavuk Mar 22 '13 at 7:16

You should take a look at what the guys at Digsby are doing. Basically, they've written a port of WebKit to wxWidgets, and then use WebKit to render the interface, and wxPython for writing the rest of the app. Pretty neat, but very alpha at the moment.

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Take a look at gDesklets. AFAIK they're UNIX only, but mabybe porting them to other platforms make more sense than starting from scratch?

They use python to create widgets (desklets).

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You can check out PyGTK, which will allow you to create desktop widgets, but they won't be managed by OSX's Dashboard. If you'd like to develop an OSX widget, you'll want to stick with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

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Take a look at pyqt4. It has webkit integration. I was looking into this myself but haven't really had time to dig into the API.

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Screenlets is designed for this task.

The Screenlets project is both a Python framework to simplify writing Cairo-drawn desktop widgets, similar to those found in the "Dashboard" feature of OS:X.

Widgets can be written entirely in Python. A collection of widgets using the framework have already been developed.

It is designed to work with Linux desktop. But it should be easy to port to other platforms, since Cairo is cross-platform, in my opinion.

  • It's not updated frequently. The latest version, 0.1.6, was released on 2012-01-27
  • Its home page has been down for some time. Launchpad works though.
  • Only Python 2 is supported.
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