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how can I exit from a php script (for example with the exit() function) but without triggering all previously registered shutdown functions (with register_shutdown_function)?


EDIT: alternatively, is there a way to clear from all the registered shutdown functions?

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Ensure that the first registered shutdown function contains a path that calls exit() – Mark Baker Feb 19 '13 at 11:10
I am working with a very complex system, and I don't actually know which is the first registered shutdown function. I just would like to exit without calling the shutdown functions, so I can debug easily. – fstab Feb 19 '13 at 11:13
If you want to debug easily, use a debugger (like xdebug) where you can set breakpoints and inspect values, etc – Mark Baker Feb 19 '13 at 11:14
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Shutdown functions will not be executed if the process is killed with a SIGTERM or SIGKILL signal.

posix_kill(posix_getpid(), SIGTERM);
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Don't use register_shutdown_function directly. Create a class which manage all shutdown functions and which has his own function and an enable property.

class Shutdown {

    private static $instance = false;
    private $functions;
    private $enabled = true;

    private function Shutdown() {
        register_shutdown_function(array($this, 'onShutdown'));
        $this->functions = array();

    public static function instance() {
        if (self::$instance == false) {
            self::$instance = new self();

        return self::$instance;

    public function onShutdown() {
        if (!$this->enabled) {

        foreach ($this->functions as $fnc) {

    public function setEnabled($value) {
        $this->enabled = (bool)$value;

    public function getEnabled() {
        return $this->enabled;

    public function registerFunction(callable $fnc) {
        $this->functions[] = $fnc;

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