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How can I solve following task: some app need to

  1. use dozens dx9 terxtures (render them with dx3d) and
  2. update some of them (whole or in part).

I.e. sometimes (once per frame/second/minute) i need to write bytes (void *) in different formats (argb, bgra, rgb, 888, 565) to some sub-rect of existing texture. In openGL solution is very simple - glTexImage2D. But here unfamiliar platform features completely confused me. Interested in solution for both dx9 and dx11.

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To update a texture, make sure the texture is created in D3DPOOL_MANAGED memory pool.

D3DXCreateTexture( device, size.x, size.y, numMipMaps,usage, textureFormat, D3DPOOL_MANAGED, &texture ); 

Then call LockRect to update the data

RECT rect  = {x,y,z,w};  // the dimensions you want to lock
D3DLOCKED_RECT lockedRect = {0}; // "out" parameter from LockRect function below
texture->LockRect(0, &lockedRect, &rect, 0);

// copy the memory into lockedRect.pBits
// make sure you increment each row by "Pitch"

unsigned char* bits = ( unsigned char* )lockedRect.pBits; 
for( int row = 0; row < numRows; row++ )
    // copy one row of data into "bits", e.g. memcpy( bits, srcData, size )

    // move to the next row
    bits += lockedRect.Pitch;

// unlock when done
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Ok, thanks a lot! My fears were justified =) – mjollneer Feb 21 '13 at 7:29

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