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I have a problem with rails associations (developing an API).

There are three tables in my_app db:

 string   "title",
 integer  "tariff_template_id"

string   "title",
integer  "service_type_id"

string   "title",
integer  "tariff_template_id"

The problem is: I need to get every field_template with tariff_template_id equals to tariff_template_id in "tariffs" table.

It's easy with SQL, but Rails logic is a bit different I guess.


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Post what you would do in SQL, and we can help translate it to ActiveRecord (which isn't difficult). – sevenseacat Feb 19 '13 at 11:26
Let's see. "SELECT tariffs.title, field_templates.title FROM tariffs INNER JOIN field_templates ON field_templates.tariff_template_id = tariffs.tariff_template_id;" – user2018090 Feb 19 '13 at 11:31
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Assuming the associations in your models are set up correctly, sounds like you simply want the following:


It won't do exactly what you want (Rails works in objects), but it will return you Tariff objects and their associated TariffTemplates in minimal queries.

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