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I am interested in using both of these authentication schemes but setting the user model to has_secure_password forces a validation on password_digest. I am curious if there is a standarized way for creating a user via an oauth mechanism in this way for rails 3.1.x with omniauth-facebook. Like stubbing in a test value into the password_digest or some other thing? Or perhaps turning off the validations in a certain condition when used with has_secure_password (although I don't know really how I would do this and would appreciate help).

I see that there is a commit for oauthed_user ( but am not really sure about how this should be used.

thx for any info / advice

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Did you ever find a solution to this? – Mohamad Mar 22 '13 at 2:13

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Well I don't know the standard way for doing this, but I did this in my app and it works perfectly

def create
  if user_is_from_omniauth?
    @user.password = SecureRandom.hex(9)

And now you should sign in user without using password For this its recommended to place a boolean in your database, so that it should not ask for old password in case of change password or forget your password

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