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I have an old ActiveX Component written in VB6 to support (don't even bother asking to modernize it, that's just what I have currently) and it does some weird stuff when compiling the following code:

Dim connectedPrinter As printer
Dim printers() As String

For Each connectedPrinter In printers
    printers(UBound(printers)) = connectedPrinter.DeviceName

All it should do is make a list of all connected printers. But, when compiling, VB6 tells me that

For Each control variable on arrays must be Variant

What's odd about that is, that in another function of the same codebase, I use the exact same loop for a different task (setting the current printer als default)

Dim pPrinter As printer

For Each pPrinter In printers
    If (pPrinter.DeviceName = sPrinterName) Then
        Set printer = pPrinter
        Exit For
    End If

Yet, that is accepted without hesitation, compiles and also demonstrably works in the production environment.

What's going on here?

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In the problem snippet, you have a local array called printers hiding the Printers collection. You can rename the local array, or qualify access to the collection by referring to it as VB.Printers.

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Such a silly error... I guess it's true to say "not seeing the wood for the trees"... Thanks! – Florian Peschka Feb 19 '13 at 12:14
not seeing the forest for the trees, or not seeing the whole for its parts. – Motes Feb 19 '13 at 14:51

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