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Generate JPA 2 Entities from existing Database

I want to do same but using maven build.

Please suggest the plugin. As i googled it, i found the metamodel generation of JPA using JPA annotation entities.Didn't find anything related to this question.

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I have just created a blog for this: ggl-consulting.blogspot.com/2014/07/… –  Gary Liu Jul 27 at 0:32

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SInce you are using hibernate the default option would be hibernate3-maven-plugin, more specifically the hibernate3:hbm2java goal configured with <ejb3>true</ejb3>. It will generate annotated pojos (most annotations are from the standard javax.persistence package, but it might also include custom org.hibernate.annotations) .

Check out John Citizen's answer at JBoss Community for sample configuration.

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is there an eclipselink way of doing this? what does netbeans/eclipse do internally? –  Kalpesh Soni Mar 28 at 19:19
Kalpesh, actually you can use hibernate maven plugin as well (it will produce clean JPA Entities using those settings). I'm not sure if there is a specific maven tool for eclipselink (this is a good question). I'm also not sure of what Dali and Netbeans do internally. –  Anthony Accioly Mar 28 at 20:07

You should try MinuteProject:(it generates maven projects)



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