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I am trying to catch and reformat (hide info) for an exception in camel thrown from a cxf webservice call. ThrowException... what should I throw then.

This does not work since the transform is not working (of course). What is the best way?

    <camel:redeliveryPolicy maximumRedeliveries="2" delay="5000"/>
      <camel:simple>Cannot process this message. Retry later. </camel:simple>

<camel:route trace="false" id="LEFIIncoming">
    <camel:from uri="cxf:bean:PostSpecIn" />
    <camel:to uri="cxf:bean:PostSpecOut" />

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claus ... var är du :)= – oluies Feb 20 '13 at 13:16
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You need to transform the response message to a response type the CXF web service expects/supports. So look at the WSDL from your "cxf:bean:PostSpecIn" and either return a SOAP Fault as response, or some response type that the out message supports.

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OK, so return a soap fault tag, within the simple, will try thanks. – oluies Feb 26 '13 at 0:47
Remember to mark the message as a soap fault, using < setFaultBody > – Claus Ibsen Feb 26 '13 at 7:19

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