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Trying to compile all .cc files in folder called P18298_ca.sub into .exe files in P18298_ca.cmp. I compile using make command from the directory that contains both the source and the target directories. Make error reads:

make: * No rule to make target P18298_ca.cmp/00a5bffb6a4792d7bcaed90ff6d3ca88-WA.exe', needed bymain.exe'. Stop.

Here is the makefile code that I used

    CPP_FILES := $(wildcard P18298_ca.sub/*.cc)
    OBJ_FILES := $(patsubst P18298_ca.sub/%.cc,P18298_ca.cmp/%.exe,$(CPP_FILES))
    LD_FLAGS := ...
    CC_FLAGS := ...

    main.exe: $(OBJ_FILES)
        g++ $(LD_FLAGS) -o $@ $^

    obj/%.exe: src/%.cc
        g++ $(CC_FLAGS) -c -o $@ $<
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A binary is built from *.obj files, not from *.exe files. Also the directories in the macros and the default rules must be the same. Change these lines in your Makefile to

OBJ_FILES := $(patsubst P18298_ca.sub/%.cc,P18298_ca.cmp/%.obj,$(CPP_FILES))

P18298_ca.cmp/%.obj: P18298_ca.sub/%.cc
    g++ $(CC_FLAGS) -c -o $@ $<
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