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I have the following json response

  "entities": [
      "columns": [
          "datatype": "STRING", 
          "hidden": false, 
          "name": "key1", 
          "position": 0, 
          "title": "barcode", 
          "value": "0000000117"
          "datatype": "DATE", 
          "hidden": false, 
          "name": "key2", 
          "position": 1, 
          "title": "order Date", 
          "value": 1307563633000

I would like to map this to a NSDictionary where the "name" variable will be taken as the Key and the rest ("datatype", "hidden"...) would be mapped to a class.

At the moment I map them to a NSSet and in the response I translate them to a NSDictionary.

  for (SREntity * restEntity in mappingResult.array) {
            for (SRColumn *column in restEntity.columnsSet) {

                [restEntity.columns setObject:column forKey:column.name];

But I was wondering if there is a way to make the mapping directly.

Something similar to:

NSDictionary* columns ->

columns.name : columns.key,
columns : columns.value for columns.key

Is this somehow possible?

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