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I am trying to call the function GetParent() of CWnd class. Every time there is an exception thrown. I'm calling the function from a working thread.

This is the line that causes the exception: CWnd* parent = this->GetParent();

I've also tried "GetParent()->PostMessage(........);", and still the exception is thrown.

I'm using this method in a CDialog.

I have noticed that the CWnd member m_hWnd is sometimes 0x00000000 or 0x00000001. In a different computer I don't get this exception. Is it a problem in the project settings or in my code?

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Post the relevant code (5-6 lines of code around the line with the error) –  sashoalm Feb 19 '13 at 12:30
As CDialog derives from CWnd, it must have a member named m_hWnd, check in a debugger if the value is != 0. –  bash.d Feb 19 '13 at 12:35
You say "from a working thread." Does this mean that you have created this CWnd class on a thread started by AfxBeginThread, and if so have you followed msdn.microsoft.com for overriding the InitInstance function? Since this works on a different computer, and as @neagoegab points out your m_hWnd is not a valid window, you may be dealing with a race condition where the GetParent() is being called before the CWnd is created and initialized. –  Mark Taylor Feb 19 '13 at 16:07

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You receive an assertion and not an exception.

Here is the implementation from VS 2010:

ASSERT(::IsWindow(m_hWnd)); return CWnd::FromHandle(::GetParent(m_hWnd));

Your m_hWnd is not a window...

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