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I'm trying to make alternative to post-receive hook, but may be i something did wrong. Does this hook work with push commit to master branch (without /for/ control) through gerrit (i have permission to do push commits)? Official doc doesn't give explanation what "merge" request like.

I placed change-merged script to gerrit/hook/ dir (gerrit is the directory with "bin", "plugins" and other gerrit places) , is it right too?

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Ok, i found out that post-receive hook emitted only when merge approved through web interface. When commit overcoming web interface (push access) it doesn't work. –  DEgITx Feb 26 '13 at 16:34

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The hooks folder within the gerrit site folder (also containing bin, plugins, git, etc) is the correct place to put hook files.

However, post-receive is a git hook, not a Gerrit hook, and Gerrit will not invoke it.

Gerrit will invoke change-merged and ref-updated hooks when a change is merged from the UI, but only ref-updated if a change is directly pushed bypassing the review.

See the Gerrit hooks documentation for more information.

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