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im new in with yii.

I'm using CGridView with a CCheckBoxColumn to select records but i don't know how to execute an action for all the checked records only. any ideas? i tried before but when i click the submit button, all rows including the one not selected are processed.

this is my coding in admin page:

       'selectableRows' => '50',  

i dont know how to post the checkbox value and everytime i post it, it give value of check-box[].

i submit it using this coding:

   echo CHtml::ajaxLink('Submit', Yii::app()->createUrl('controller/action'),
       'data'=>'js:{ids : $.fn.yiiGridView.getChecked("grid-id","check-boxes")}'

but the nothing happen when i use this.

how we should pass the value in controller and how the controller works?

thank you.

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"nothing happen"? Does a request get submitted? What parameters does it give? –  Jon Feb 19 '13 at 13:23

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public function actionActionName()

        foreach ($_POST['check-boxes'] as $id){
            $model = $this->loadModel($id);
            CVarDumper::dump($id, 5, true);
    CVarDumper::dump('Nothing is selected', 5, true);
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Please consider adding an explanation also to the answer. That will make the answer more informative and useful to future readers. –  Harry Nov 14 '13 at 12:16

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