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I need to apply a set of commands in R to all the individual .txt files (around 300) in a directory.

I'm not very familiar with R, so all the help I've looked at online about looping is confusing, or I can't work out how to apply a loop when you need to apply multiple commands to each file.

The commands I need to apply to each file (phylogenetic trees) within the directory are (which uses R's ape library):

testtree <- read.tree("tree123.txt")
unrooted_tr <- unroot(testtree)
write.tree(unrooted_tr, file="unrootedtree123.txt")

How do I apply a loop which will apply these commands to each individual .txt file (either using R or in the Unix command line)? The output (e.g. unrootedtree123.txt) will need to have a different name for each individual file.

Thanks in advance, Dani.

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Do you have vector of the filenames or do the files follow some kind of naming convention (e.g. tree[3digitnumber])? –  sebastian-c Feb 19 '13 at 13:27

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You can get all the files and then loop using lapply and apply whatever function you want to apply as follows:

files <- list.files(path="path/to/dir", pattern="*.txt", full.names=T, recursive=FALSE)
lapply(files, function(x) {
    t <- read.table(x, header=T) # load file
    # apply function
    out <- function(t)
    # write to file
    write.table(out, "path/to/output", sep="\t", quote=F, row.names=F, col.names=T)
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