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if i have an image (/uploads/image.jpg), and i have a script (/phpthumb/phpThumb.php) that resizes the image and shows it (not saving!).

I print the image like this:

<img src="/phpthumb/phpThumb.php?src=../uploads/image.jpg&w=100&h=100" alt="" />

Is it possible to change it to this (with a directory 'thumbs' that doesn't exist):

<img src="/thumbs/image.jpg?w=100&h=100" alt="" />

And rewrite the url with htaccess (i tried the code below, but no luck):

RewriteRule ^thumbs/(.*).(jpg|gif|png)\?(.*)$ /phpthumb/phpThumb.php?src=../uploads/$1.$2&$3 [L]

Thanks in advance

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if you have naming conventions for your image id suggest specifying exactly what characters can be used e.g. if you only allowed lowercase a-z and numbers. ^thumbs/([a-z0-9]+). – gunnx Feb 19 '13 at 13:52

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