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I am using SlimDX to use my Xbox 360 controller and I would like a way of when pressing a button on the controller the state changes to on and stays on but when I press it again it becomes off. Sort of like a toggle. But I have been unable to do one so far(Just a beginner really).

Thanks for any help. Thomas.

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You may use a bool to determine if the button is toggled on or off. You will also need to know the gamepad's previous state, so the bool won't toggle all the time, just because you keep pressing the button.

bool myCommand = false; // declare the bool
GamePadState oldState; // you need to know the previous state of your gamepad

public void Update()
    if (GamePad.GetState().KeyPressed == /*key*/ && oldState.KeyPressed != /*key*/)
        myCommand = !myCommand;
    oldState = GamePad.GetState();

Keep in mind, that you may need to use something other than GamePad or GamePadState, as this is merely pseudo-code

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Thanks a lot, that helped me. – user1333775 Feb 19 '13 at 14:50
@Thomas don't forget to upvote/accept if the answer was satisfactory ;) – Nolonar Feb 19 '13 at 14:53

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