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I am trying to find a comprehensive list of Blogger template tag references such as "post", "blog", and "top" attributes. There is many features on Blogger, but not documented very well. I found this:, very large but not completed, and updated.

Is there any documentation like that for developing templates?

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Try this link At there you can find a lot of Blogger tags list.

And also you can test how thus tags behavior with download this link of xml template

NOTE: Please backup your current page before you try this template provided by! Or you can create another blog with some dummies post.


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I was/am looking for the same list. Until now, the only "good" stuff i found, was the standard Google Info that seems to be very thin, but here is the List of Goolge (date 15. Feb 2013)

For more information on how to development and so, there seems to be little information here is the link to the "Advanced-Section", but it has only some hints and pointers. An Tutorials on the web dont seem to give much more information.

I hope this helps. If you found something else or better please share.

Thanks in advance

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Blogger template tags have a horrible structure really, I was trying to build a local development tool, and it was almost finished, but finally I got really bored because of it, and gave up to develop it :) – Digerkam Jul 6 '13 at 8:10
I had the same problem, but i somehow always end up on my blogs, at least twice a year :) Than i update my template just a bit, and leave it for another 6 month, with the hope, the documentation improves until then. :) – winner_joiner Jul 6 '13 at 10:32
Thats google behavior.. They bought sercives and do nothing then – Digerkam Jul 6 '13 at 19:12

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