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I am proposing an Azure environment with the following:

  • VM SQL Server for core relational data
  • Table Storage for bulk data

I want to mirror the SQL Server database to another server so that

  1. Reports can be run on this server so to minimize data load on the primary database, and
  2. It can serve as a failover server in case the primary server goes down.

In order to achieve these 2 objectives I would also need to mirror the Azure Table Storage too. I can't seem to find any information on this. Is this even possible?

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There are very few cases where you need to mirror table storage. Windows Azure does this anyway and, if using the geo-redundant option, keeps 4 copies of your data in multiple locations. 3 are stored in the current data centre across different fault and upgrade domains, plus another copy in a different data centre.

So Azure storage 'as-is' can handle the complete failure of a data centre. If you want to mirror yourself, it means that you are planning for the likelihood of and outage in two data centres simultaneously. This is only necessary in very few cases.

Mirroring (or replication) is not backup. So in addition to replicating data you may want to back it up, which is a different issue. Replication will not help you if you delete or update something by mistake.

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Great answer - thanks again – davenewza Feb 20 '13 at 21:17

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