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I am trying to use soap in php and tried lots of different things and still no result. It is service for sending SMS : I used this code :

    $soapURL = "" ;
    $soapParameters = Array('login' => "username", 'password' => "password") ;
    $soapFunction = "enqueue" ;
    $soapFunctionParameters = Array('domain' => 'domain', 'messageBodies' =>array("hello world"),'recipientNumbers'=>array('number'),'senderNumbers'=>array('sender')) ;
    $soapClient = new SoapClient($soapURL, $soapParameters);
    $soapResult = $soapClient->__soapCall($soapFunction, $soapFunctionParameters) ;

And got this error :

org.xml.sax.SAXException: No deserializer defined for array type {}string
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There is a known conflict between NuSoap and php standard soapclient . you should use the special version of nusoap that solved that problem .

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