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*Use Case:*I am using jquery/ajax uploader for cross domain image upload.I have set up a demo for cross domain upload of images using PHP.

*Issue:*When I upload images from one domain to other(I have the server folder with PHP files on other domain) the original image gets uploaded but,the thumbnail doesn't upload(or is not created) and I get an error for Access-Control-Allow-Origin

I have kept the Access-Control-Allow-Origin parameter in UploadHandler.php as '*'.My GET request doesn't give me the error but when I upload I see a Option request(which works right) and a POST request which produces the error.

Reasearch/Study: I went through a few question and tried to go through GIT issues for this plugin and they suggest that adding the '*' in the Access-Control-Allow-Origin parameter should do the trick like this(The php file comes along with the plugin).Rest of the settings have been kept to default in the js files.

     'access_control_allow_origin' => '*',
        'access_control_allow_credentials' => false,
        'access_control_allow_methods' => array(

Please suggest any solution that would help in this scenario.

Attached an image to clearify the error!!Please suggest any solutions. enter image description here

![Headers for failed options request][3]


 'image_versions' => array(
            // Uncomment the following version to restrict the size of
            // uploaded images:

            'original' => array(
                'max_width' => 1920,
                'max_height' => 1200,
                'jpeg_quality' => 95

            // Uncomment the following to create medium sized images:

            '800x600' => array(
                'max_width' => 800,
                'max_height' => 600,
                'jpeg_quality' => 80

            '150x150' => array(
                'max_width' => 80,
                'max_height' => 80

This is the array I am using for creating the cropped forms of the uploaded image.When I don't pass the array I get the success headers in response,but when I do,I get the Access-Control-Origin-Error.When I check the server logs,I get a Headers already sent error.(The PHP script I am using is the same as with the plugin.Present in server/php folder)

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Did you check firing the OPTIONS to the server and see what it returns? –  Салман Feb 19 '13 at 15:18
The OPTIONS request returns me the ok 200 message!!I have updated the image with all the three requests!! –  KillABug Feb 20 '13 at 4:40
Please, show us headers of a failed request (single click on a line at the Network tab) –  Olegas Feb 20 '13 at 4:47
@Салман #Olegas Added an image with the headers! –  KillABug Feb 20 '13 at 5:57
@sachlearner — The status of the OPTIONS response doesn't really matter, its the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header for it that does. –  Quentin Feb 20 '13 at 7:22

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