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I'm totally new with php and all that. I want to make a sortable table ussing a csv file. I can get the file in php, but my table has four columns. But its shows all contents of my csv file in the first colmn in my table. My csv file looks like this: Timestamp;Company;Employee;Type 06/02/2013;4298;2001;start ......... and so on.... This is my php for now:

echo "QUERY_STRING is ".$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']."<p>"; 
if(isset($_GET['sortby']))$sortby = $_GET['sortby']; 
if(isset($_GET['rev']))$rev = $_GET['rev'];

$ff=fopen('...file.csv','r') or die("Can't open file");

foreach ($Data as $key => $row) {
$Timestamp[$key]  = $row['Colname']; 
$Company[$key] = $row['Colname']; 
$Employee[$key] = $row['Colname'];
$Type[$key] = $row['Colname'];} 

switch ($sortby){
case "0":
if($rev=="1")array_multisort($Timestamp, SORT_NUMERIC, $Data); 
else array_multisort($Timestamp, SORT_NUMERIC, SORT_DESC,$Data);

case "1":
if($rev=="1")array_multisort($Company,  $Data);
else array_multisort($Company, SORT_DESC, $Data);

case "2":
if($rev=="1")array_multisort($Employee, SORT_NUMERIC, $Data);
else array_multisort($Employee, SORT_NUMERIC, SORT_DESC,$Data);

case "3":
if($rev=="1")array_multisort($Type,   $Data);
else array_multisort($Type,  SORT_DESC, $Data);

echo ("<table border=2>");     
echo ("<th><a href=\"realtime3.php?sortby=0&rev=$rev\" title=\"Click to Sort/Reverse           sort\">Timestamp</a></th>");
echo ("<th><a href=\"realtime3.php?sortby=1&rev=$rev\" title=\"Click to Sort/Reverse sort\">Company</a></th>");
echo ("<th><a href=\"realtime3.php?sortby=2&rev=$rev\" title=\"Click to Sort/Reverse sort\">Employee</a></th>");
echo ("<th><a href=\"realtime3.php?sortby=3&rev=$rev\" title=\"Click to Sort/Reverse sort\">Type</a></th>");

foreach($Data as $NewDat){
if($NewDat[0]!=""){ //error trap
foreach($NewDat as $field)$str.="<td>$field</td>";
echo $str;}}
echo "</table>";

If Somebody could help my in the good direction, much appriciated. And is it possible to add a search field/drop down field/...? This would by for a user to easly get a better look at the table, when he type or select a input to search for? And I tried to make a pagination to for the table, with lets say shows 15 rows at a time. I have made it seperatly but I can't get it to work corretly. Sorry for al the questions, but I'm new....

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Your code looks like a mess but it probably works ok'ish.. I'm guessing it shows on one row because you simply wrote $str.="</td>\n"; where you should have written $str.="</tr>\n";

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Thx, I'll try this out now. –  Miguel Feb 20 '13 at 8:38
I just did the change, but nothing happens... All the columns from my csv file are still in the first column... help –  Miguel Feb 20 '13 at 8:53
and how does the generated html look like? –  hank Feb 20 '13 at 8:56

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