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I'm using webapp2 with webapp2_extras.i18n for a Google App Engine app.

I have a unit test script as described on the bottom here:

The test script imports the models and does not include webapp2 handlers, because the target of the test is the business logic code, not the requests and responses. However, some of my models will call i18n functions like format_currency or gettext which will result in an error:

AssertionError: Request global variable is not set.

How can I initialize the i18n module without instantiating a webapp2 app and request?

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Try to mock your functions.

Example: I have a script called users that import i18n like this:

from webapp2_extras.i18n import gettext as _

So on my tests i mock the function like this:

from pswdless.model import PswdUserEmail, EmailUserArc
from pswdless.users import FindOrCreateUser
from pswdless import users

# mocking i18n
users._ = lambda s: s

#your tests bellow

You can use same trick with another functions.

I hope it helps you.

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I had the same problem (but for uri_for) and I ended up doing the following in my test :

app = webapp2.WSGIApplication(
        [webapp2.Route('/', None, name='upload_handler')])

request = webapp2.Request({'SERVER_NAME':'test', 'SERVER_PORT':80,
    'wsgi.url_scheme':'http'}) = app
app.set_globals(app=app, request=request)

# call function that uses uri_for('upload_handler')

I had to do trial and error to guess which environment variables have to be set in the request. Maybe you'll need to add more in order to call i18n.

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