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I'm trying to read the pixel color of a given window. The window is not mine. The window may not have focus or be at foreground. I don't know if it matters, does it? I have the window handle, so I do:

  HDC hdc = GetDC(m_window);
  if (hdc) 
    COLORREF color = GetPixel(hdc,x,y);

    if(color == CLR_INVALID)
      wxLogDebug("COLOR DATA INVALID");        
      wxLogDebug("COLOR DATA 0x%x", color);

x and y are screen coordinates that lie inside the window. Don't know why this is not working. Any ideas?

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You should convert x, y into client coordinates with ScreenToClient Function.

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This sounds right. I know GetPixel returns CLR_INVALID if the pixel is clipped. If you've got the wrong coordinates, you're likely outside the clipping region for the window's client area. – Adrian McCarthy Sep 30 '09 at 19:46
That isn't the problem, I SetPixel() and get the right result. I also confirm lots conditions. – naive231 Oct 2 '13 at 8:10

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