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I am trying to create rdlc report in vs 2012 ultimate. report was working fine on vs 2010. Now problem is: Visual studio crashed (closed) when I try to add data source in report viewer.

any suggestion to resolve this issue. Is this a known error in vs 2012 ultimate ?

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We have encountered several very annoying problems with VS2012. Some projects are forced to remain in VS2010. VS2012 is a buggy, problematic product from my view. – David W Feb 19 '13 at 15:39
Same issue here. Everytime I select the option "New -> Dataset..." or right-click on "Datasets" and select "Add dataset..." it crashes instantly. Not sure what can I do to solve this.. – Nelson Reis Apr 4 '13 at 15:59

I was with the same error, then I removed the PdfSharp and MigraDoc libraries from the project.

No errors anymore.


Actually, the error was in the source control.

PdfSharp.Charting was removed but the project still was refer it.

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Unfortunately this is a known issue in both Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013, it is mentioned in this Microsoft Connect bug.

A workaround has been posted on this MSDN blog.

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I also had this problem. I was able to add reports to a new project so I knew there was a problem with my project. After much trial and error I determined that I had some unnecessary references that got carried over from an older project. The references were not correct and were missing some dependencies. After deleting these references my problem was resolved.

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I encountered this fault after migrating a project from VS2010 to VS2012 recently.

The fix that work for me was to open the .rdlc in a text editor, and look for the tags that contain the path to the dataset used in the report. They looked like this:

<rd:SchemaPath>.......some path.....</rd:SchemaPath>

In my case the path was the old path to where the source was previously kept when I was working in VS2010. I had changed the location of the project on my PC and this path was now invalid.

So I updated the path to the correct location, saved the RDLC, and everything works fine.

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I debug and found that if you download VS- Command the problem is resolved

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