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Hello guys I'm looking for a way on the iPhone to parse an XML document using DOM. I have been using SAX with NSXMLParser but now I really want a DOM tree (or anything that can quickly translate the XML document into an NSDictionary)
Thanks for any help

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Unfortunately, NSXMLDocument (which does what you're asking) does not exist on the iPhone. You may have to roll your own parser using libxml2, or try something like TouchXML or KissXML.

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TouchXML doesn't support ARC. KissXML supports ARC. – Sam Feb 27 '13 at 13:32

If you want to use libxml2 with an Objective-C front without SAX events, take a look at this useful set of wrapper functions.

You issue an XPath query to your XML document object and get back Foundation class objects: NSArray, NSString, and NSDictionary, e.g.:

NSArray *queriedBuckets = PerformXMLXPathQuery(responseData, @"//*[local-name()='Buckets']/*[local-name()='Bucket']");

These functions help merge the speed of libxml2 with the readability and usability of Objective-C code.

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I suggest looking at the Google Data API for Objective-C (iPhone) at

In particular, look at these files which define the GDataXMLNode class:

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Check out this link . It has got a good tutorial for GData DOM Parser for iPhone

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