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var testObj = this.getView();

How can I check with DoJo (or just native JS) if testObj has callableFunction before I actually try to call callableFunction() and fail if it isn't there? I would prefer a native-DoJo solution as I need this to work on all browsers.

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You can call it like this:

testObj.callableFunction && testObj.callableFunction();

or in details:

if (typeof testObj.callableFunction == 'function') {
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Thanks! this works :) – antonpug Feb 19 '13 at 16:08
you are welcome :) – dfsq Feb 19 '13 at 16:08
@dfsq Shouldn't this be === 'function' ? – Ethan 5 hours ago
@Ethan In the his case it's safe to use == since typeof operator always returns string type. But if you use === in the project then for consistency sake — yes. – dfsq 2 hours ago

dojo has a function that you can use to perform the test.

require(["dojo/_base/lang"], function(lang){

  var testObj = this.getView();

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You should test that the property exists and is a function:

var returnFromCallable = typeof testObj.callableFunction === 'function' &&
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