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I searched this but I haven't found the exact answer I'm looking for. I'm trying to email a friend/co-worker a saved xcode project I'm working on. If I send attach my saved file in an email when he opens it up everything is kinda red and theres no code or anything. How can I send the whole project so that he can access it? Thanks.

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And what files are you sending him? –  trojanfoe Feb 19 '13 at 16:45

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It sounds like you are sending him just the Xcode project file, but you will need all the source files.

If you assume your project is in:

    MyDeadGoodProject                     (folder with source)
    MyDeadGoodProject.xcodeproj           (project bundle)

(Which is fairly standard)

Then you need to send the whole of the top-level project directory structure.

This is best done by zipping up the whole lot, which can be done from Finder by right-clicking and selecting "Compress MyDeadGoodProject" or from the command line (Terminal.app) using zip:

$ cd ~/Projects
$ zip -r9 MyDeadGoodProject.zip MyDeadGoodProject

And then e-mail him the .zip file.

If you co-operate with someone else on a regular basic then it's best to get some central git hosting going, as that will be much easier to manage.

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cool I'll definitely look into that git hosting you mentioned. until I get that set up ill try your zip method. Thanks for your help. –  user2087867 Feb 19 '13 at 19:06

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