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I currently have the following in my .vimrc.

au VimEnter * NERDTree
au BufWinEnter * NERDTreeMirror

This I believe launches NERDTree when I open Vim, as well as when I open a new tab using a plugin. Currently, when I launch Vim by doing...

vim the command line, the cursor is sitting in NERDTree ready for me to navigate my files, which is great. However, when I do...

vim my-file.txt

The cursor remains in the NERDTree window. I'm aware that I can add this to my .vimrc:

au BufNew * wincmd l

But that means the cursor will always be placed in the window to the right of NERDTree, even if I don't specify a file.

Any ideas?

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You can make the command conditional on whether arguments were passed to Vim:

:au VimEnter * if argc() > 0 | wincmd l | endif

(I'd use the VimEnter event for that; just make sure this autocmd comes after the one that opens NERDTree.)

PS: There are a couple of related questions here:

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Would you look at that! Fantastic, thank you so much. – Stuart Memo Feb 19 '13 at 21:44

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