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I created a page split into seven parts and two colomn divs on each page. When I click the right buttton I scroll to the next column and when I click the left I scroll to the left column. The problem is, let's say I am on page one and I scroll from the second to the third column, I am off the page and have to manually move the x scroll-bar. Is there a way I can just program the buttons to force the x overflow as well?



#contents {
width: 3500px; <!--Total size of the large container-->
height: 200px;
position: absolute; }

#container {
height: 500px;
overflow: hidden;
position: relative;
border: 1px #000 solid;
#container, .col {
width: 500px;<!--total size of each column.-->
.col {

float: left;


  <!--Column 1--> 
  <div class="col">
<p>Put your content here...</p>
<button class="left">Left</button>
<button class="right">right</button>
 </div><!--end div column 1-->

I did this for 6 more columns.


   var colwidth = $('#container').width(),
contwidth = $('#contents').width(),
getOffset = function() {
    return parseInt($('#container').css('margin-left'));

if (getOffset() === 0) return false;

$("#contents").animate({left: '+=' + colwidth},500);
$("#container").animate({'margin-left': '-=' + colwidth},500);
if (getOffset() === contwidth - colwidth) return false;

$("#contents").animate({left: '-=' + colwidth},500);
$("#container").animate({'margin-left': '+=' + colwidth},500);
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To assign multiple functions to a click, you can call a function from your existing function, or create a new function exclusively for calling your other 2 functions.

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Or, just bind two functions to the click event... –  gustavohenke Feb 19 '13 at 16:52
You can also separate function calls with ; in onclick, but here it looks like the code would belong in the $(".left").click(function(){...} and $(".right").click(function(){...}. However, this does not answer the actual question of how to programmatically move the x-scrollbar with the button clicks. –  Gaʀʀʏ Feb 19 '13 at 16:55

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