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I am using jstree plugin to search for nodes. It works and when found the defaul color is very bright blueish color. How do you chanage the default color to something else.

Also, if the search text is not found, I would like to be able to display error to the users. Any ideas how I would do this?

function myFunction()

var value=document.getElementById("search_field").value; 

    $("#search_tree").click(function () { 



This is my function that returns if it finds the text in the node list.

I would like to highligh the node with navy blue and also, move the window to that node (sometimes, three maybe too big and browser window needs to be adjusted to see the highlighted node). Very new to this type of scripting language and appreciate any input. Thanks.

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Have you tried to edit the theme/default/style.css file to fit your needs ? – Philippe Boissonneault Mar 5 '13 at 20:14

To change the color you just need to edit line 45 of the theme CSS file:

.jstree-default a.jstree-search { color:aqua; }

Change aqua to whatever you like.

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