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I can connect to a system DSN running my cygwin compatible fork of pypyodbc locally on Windows 7, but when I try to run the same script via SSH/fabric, I get a permission error:

[192.168.x.x] out:     conn = pyodbc.connect('DSN=xxx;PWD=xxx')
[192.168.x.x] out:   File "/home/tschmidt/.virtualenvs/dashboard/src/pypyodbc/", line 2081, in __init__
[192.168.x.x] out:     self.connect(connectString, autocommit, ansi, timeout, unicode_results, readonly)
[192.168.x.x] out:   File "/home/tschmidt/.virtualenvs/dashboard/src/pypyodbc/", line 2129, in connect
[192.168.x.x] out:     validate(ret, SQL_HANDLE_DBC, self.dbc_h)
[192.168.x.x] out:   File "/home/tschmidt/.virtualenvs/dashboard/src/pypyodbc/", line 989, in validate
[192.168.x.x] out:     ctrl_err(handle_type, handle, ret)
[192.168.x.x] out:   File "/home/tschmidt/.virtualenvs/dashboard/src/pypyodbc/", line 974, in ctrl_err
[192.168.x.x] out:     raise Error(state,err_text)
[192.168.x.x] out: pypyodbc.Error: ('HY000', "[HY000] [Microsoft]
    [ODBC Microsoft   Access Driver] The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot 
    open the file '(unknown)'.  It is already opened exclusively by another user, 
    or you need permission to view its data.")

Using MDBTools is not an option as I need to make connections to other databases that only have Windows drivers.

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I was able to work around this issue by switching to Windows XP. Would still like to know what the cause of the problem was, though. New permissions in Windows 7 I assume.

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