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I usually have 2-3 checkouts of my project - one for working, one for testing etc..

These checkedout copies of the project sometimes require browsing through the sources. I use cscope & ctags.

The cscope database file is ~200MB in size and the IT team in our company always complains about the excessive disk usage. So, I am planning to use a shared cscope & ctags databses across all the checked out copies, if it is possible.

My workspace looks like this:

| -- copy1
|      | -- directories
| -- copy2
       | -- directories

the cscope database files in head should be shared by head/copy1 and head/copy2. When I run cscope -d in WORKSPACE/copy1 it should browse through WORKSPACE/copy1 When I run cscope -d in WORKSPACE/copy2 it should browse through WORKSPACE/copy2

thanks for any help in this regard..

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