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I have a Sinatra application running on Unicorn that uses Mongoid for its models. I have several Mongo databases with the same structure but different content, and I to select the right database for each user when he/she logs in. I am wondering if this is possible with Mongoid 3.0.

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You can use the with operator before every query:

Model.with(database: method_to_get_the_db_name).create
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If you want to switch database, use Mongoid.override_database, it's Thread safe.

Mongoid.override_database("client_db_name") # change the database Mongoid.override_database(nil) # reset the database


class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  before_filter :switch_database
  after_filter :reset_database


  def switch_database
    client_ref = params[:client_id]

  def reset_database

Documentation can be found here.

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