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I am trying to use nested ListViews in my site navigation to make it dynamic. The goal is to make the first ListView show all categories then the nested one would show brands.

Hence if we had a product that we where selling you could click Sneakers for all Sneakers to populate and then a brand like Nike to filter only Nike Sneakers.

So far have been able to do this by Category(Sneakers) through passing in a query string. Now i want to pass in two parameters though that query string and the issue i am running into is that how can i pull the first value param from the parent ListView to add to the param of the nested ListView? Is this possible?

So brief explanation of why i am doing this. I have a products table that have a category and brand attribute. I want to filter by category and brand and using these nested ListViews to pass the params.

   <asp:ListView ID="categoryList"

                <asp:HyperLink  runat="server" NavigateUrl="<%# GetCatValidUrl( Item.CategoryID ) %>"
                  ID="testlink" Text="<%#: Item.CategoryName %>" />

                <ul style="list-style-type: none;">
                       <asp:ListView ID="brandList" ItemType="E_Store_Template.Models.Brand" runat="server"
                                        //Below i cannot use Item.CategoryName
                                        //because of the Itemtype=my brand type.

                                <asp:HyperLink  runat="server" NavigateUrl="<%# GetCatBraValidUrl(Item.CategoryName, Item.BrandID) %>"
                  ID="testlink" Text="<%#: Item.BrandName %>" />




First time making one of these so any tips greatly appreciated. Even if this is the wrong way to do this i want to learn.

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In you're code-behind, modify the


to return a list based on the currently selected item in the


The respective ListView properties

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