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I am trying to learn Oracle forms (v6.0). In a when-button-pressed trigger I am trying to loop through all of the records from a datablock. So far I have following code:

    END LOOP;   

When I run the code all the DSP_NAME values are displayed except the last one. If I add :


after the loop, then the DSP_NAME value of the last record is displayed. Why it is like that - the message is displayed before the last record check? and what would be the right way to loop through the records?

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Your loop is correct. I suspect the last message is showing up in the status bar at the bottom of the form instead of as a popup window.

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You are absolutely right, I thought an message box will show up on every iteration and got confused. Thanks! – skujins Feb 20 '13 at 6:36

To get a pop up window use the same line twice :



You'll get it this way.

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