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I am writing a Chrome extension for Delicious bookmarks. My background.js file fetches the bookmarks on browser open and creates the object required for jsTree to build a proper tree.

If I disable jsTree's sort plugin, the bookmarks appear immediately when I click the popup. If I enable the sort function there is a ~2 second delay between click and displaying of data.

I tried pre-sorting all of my data in the background script and passing it to the popup pre-sorted, but jsTree does not honor this sorted data.

I only have ~90 tags and ~400 bookmarks. Is there a config option I can use to make this faster? Here is what my jsTree looks like.

    'close_all': -1,
    'core': {
        'animation': 0
        'json_data': {
        'async': true,
        'data': data

    'progressive_render': true,
    'themes': {
        'theme': 'classic',
        'dots': false,
        'icons': true

    'sort': function (a, b) {
        return this.get_text(a) > this.get_text(b) ? 1 : -1; 

    'types': {
        'valid_children': [ 'folder' ],
        'types': {
            'folder': {
                'valid_children': [ 'file' ],
                'max_depth': 1

    'plugins': [
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Just a comment: I don't know why yours is slow, but I am running jstree with a server side call that traverses a directory recursively - at least 300 files, and returns the html - and then I loop through all of the html with $.each and it returns in less than a second. My point is that the problem may lie elsewhere. – user1167442 Sep 9 '13 at 23:59
Instead of adding other options, try disabling each option you can, just to see if it gets faster... e.g. try to disable the sort function, since you have it pre-sorted... – ToX 82 Sep 13 '13 at 7:35
what is this.get_text doing? maybe that's the expensive function? – mitchfuku Sep 29 '13 at 10:50

jsTree uses the native array sort method, so the only thing that can be improved is the calls to get_text, but I doubt that can get much quicker.

If you have your data presorted - simply remove the sort plugin from your plugins config array. There is no way for the sort plugin to "know" that the data is already sorted, just remove the plugin.

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