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I'm trying to build a restful JSON api for my Symfony2 Application.

I'm using the http://jmsyst.com/libs/serializer JMS\Serializer Bundle to serialize my Entities to JSON.

I have this example Controller-Action:

public function getFarmerByNameAction(Request $request) {

    $name = $request->get("name");
    $farmer = $this->getDoctrine()->getRepository("FarmerguideBackendBundle:Farmer")->findByName($name);

    // Return json response
    return new Response($this->jsonify($farmer));

Since I'm using this serializer very often (I know I should do something like a singleton or whatever, but currently I don't have the time for that, I was just playing with the framework) I've put the code inside a function which does the serializing.

private function jsonify($object) {
        // Serialize to json
        $serializer = new Serializer(array(new GetSetMethodNormalizer()), array('json' => new
        $json = $serializer->serialize($object, 'json');
        return $json;

My problem is the following:

  • This code is inside a BackendController, which does NOT contain any gui-specific information. So just a RESTful API.
  • In another Controller, let's say WebappController I have the code to access these backendfunctions and do some stuff with twig-files and render()-methods.
  • I want to access all these information via mobile over ajax (therefore I need this json return value)

What's the best-practice here? Is it better to say: Well if it's a ajax-call (check with if($request->isXmlHttpRequest())) , do jsonify right before returning the repsonse and if it's not return the entities (I need entities for twig-templates..) Or is there another approach?

Or is it even better to work with $request->getFormatType() and making the ajax call with contentType="application/json; charset=utf-8"

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Try FOSRestBundle, it can handle multiple formats for the same action, including both JSON and TWIG templates. –  Guillermo Gutiérrez Dec 11 '13 at 23:34

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Here is how KnpBundles handles it https://github.com/KnpLabs/KnpBundles/blob/master/src/Knp/Bundle/KnpBundlesBundle/Controller/DeveloperController.php#L35

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well, this looks not bad, but where is the format saved or submitted? –  eav Feb 19 '13 at 21:51

I guess you need to clearify what your intentions are. Because right now it seems as if your WebappController would just be a client to your Backendcontroller. Something like:

$result = file_get_contents('/path/to/backend/method/1/3');

You then simply go ahead and decode the json.

That is some additional overhead of course. If you want to get entities, I would suggest to create a Service for all your backend methods and return the entities there. You then simply call those methods from your BackendController and your WebappController. You then would only jsonify the entities in your BackendController and render the appropriate templates in your WebappController.

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