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I want to display 3 clocks from 3 different time zones using JavaScript. I browsed around the web searching for a simple solution but all I found was long scripts and .js extensions, all those to complete a simple task.

Is there an easy way to do this? do I really have to add an additional JS file to complete this task?

Thanks in advance to the helpers!

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Handling times in JS is a PITA... which is why things like MomentJS exist. – Ben Lesh Feb 19 '13 at 19:29
possible duplicate of How to get Time of specific timezone using javascript? – Ben Lesh Feb 19 '13 at 19:32

Is there an easy way to do this?


do I really have to add an additional JS file to complete this task?

No. However, time handling in JS is difficult, since it has no really cross-browser-safe date/timestring parsing and formatting methods. It can be helpful to use a library for that, however that won't be necessary for your clock.

// all three clocks represent current time
var clock1 = new Date(); // current moment
var clock2 = new Date();
var clock3 = new Date();

// for outputting, adjust them
// leave clock1 in UTC
clock2.setHours(clock2.getHours() + 3); // UTC+3
clock3.setHours(clock3.getHours() - 5); // UTC-5

// now for display, use these values:


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Thank you for your solution, Bergi. Just a quick question - does this also take into account the DST timings? meaning if the UTC-5 clock should be actually UTC-4 due to daylight savings, will it make the adjustments? – Nati Feb 19 '13 at 22:06
No. UTC-5 will stay UTC-5, you will need to determine yourself whether the timezone you want to display currently has DST (and you need to display UTC-4). Or let an existing library do it for you, since DST calculation is complex. – Bergi Feb 19 '13 at 23:10

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