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I have the following view hierarchy:

View A  (Has a PanGestureRecognizer)
 -> View B (Has a PanGestureRecognizer)
   -> View C (UserInteractionEnabled = NO)

View C is a subview of View B, ViewB is a subview of View A. I am trying to ignore touch events for View A if View B touched. Right now, both PanGestureRecognizers are firing off touch events. I was looking into pointInside, but I think that's to disable touch events to subviews.

I also looked at hitTest:withEvent, and it is indeed returning View B as I would expect. How would I tell View A to ignore touch events if View B is touched?

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I wanted to add that the order in which the recognizers are fired is correct as well. View B fires before View A, but I want to disable View A if View B gets the hitTest. I thought since View A hitTest is returning View B, it should ignore it... but that's not happening. –  Clay Feb 19 '13 at 19:57
shouldreceivetouch: might be what you were after. –  Stephen J Jun 6 '13 at 18:07

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