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I have some JQuery that pops up a JQuery Dialog ( box when you hover over an image like so:

	$(document).ready(function() {
	    $("img").hover(function() {


I have 2 questions 1. When i close the dialog and then hover over an image again the dialog dosn't reappear, how can i fix that 1. How can i pop up the box only if the user hovers over the image for a couple of seconds

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1 - you need to initialize the dialog first. Code here

$(document).ready( function() { 
  $("#dialog").dialog({ autoOpen: false }); // init without showing

  $("img").bind("mouseover", function() { 
    $("#dialog").dialog('open'); // open the dialog


2 - just use a counter

var _counter = 0;
var _seconds = 0;

$("img").hover(function() {
    // mouseover
     _counter = setInterval(openDialogNow(), 1000);
}, function() {
    // mouseout

function openDialogNow() {
    // this function will run every second while the user does not mouseout the image
    _seconds++; // add 1 to the global variable

    if(_seconds == 3) { // will open in 3 seconds, 3 * 1000 miliseconds
         _seconds = 0;  // reset, so we can reuse later
         $("#dialog").dialog('open'); // open the dialog
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1) use mouseover/mouseout or mouseenter/mouseleave events.

2) Check out this : I've used in several places and it allows quite nice customization for hovering. It also takes care of point 1 catching its own events.

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use jQuery .delay() method.

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