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I`m pipeing WAMP protocol through Pythons multiprocessing.pipe, and I nead to reimplement WampCraClientProtocol.

Question A: In the ambiguous case of:

exclude  = ['ABCDEFGH001', 'ABCDEFGH002', 'ABCDEFGH003']
eligible = ['ABCDEFGH001', 'ABCDEFGH002', 'ABCDEFGH003']
[TYPE_ID_PUBLISH, topicURI, event, exclude, eligible]

# Is the exclude or eligible stronger?
# (Can I do following?)

exclude  = set('ABCDEFGH001', 'ABCDEFGH002', 'ABCDEFGH003')
eligible = set('ABCDEFGH001', 'ABCDEFGH002', 'ABCDEFGH003')
eligible -= exclude
[TYPE_ID_PUBLISH, topicURI, event, [], list(eligible)]

Question B: can excludeMe all ways be replaced with [self.session_id]?

[TYPE_ID_PUBLISH, topicURI, event, excludeMe] ==
[TYPE_ID_PUBLISH, topicURI, event, [self.session_id]]

/Aki R.

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Question A: the case is not ambiguous - the message wont be received by anyone. The logic is: (Subscribers AND Eligible) \ Exclude.

Question B: Both messages will result in the same behavior of the broker.

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Thank you for conformation. – user2088594 Feb 24 '13 at 14:30

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