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I need help figuring out why the menu I have created does not work properly in IE. I'm currently in a HTML/CSS class so my experience level is limited. I'm kind of just googling things and checking my book as I go.

I created this menu from a tutorial I found after googling "css drop down menu". I'm pretty proud of it but I can't figure out why it does not display properly in Internet Explorer. It seems to work great in Firefox and Chrome, and more importantly, on ipads. My company currently uses a java menu and I'd like to replace it with this.

Here is the link:


I would appreciate any advice on why it does not work in IE or where I should start looking in my code for errors. I think it has something to do with declaring a doctype but I'm not sure.

Thanks ahead.

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You are missing an <li> tag on the second Home link.

Also, try inserting <!DOCTYPE html> at the top of your html file. This will get IE out of Quirks mode, which can solve some problems in the future.

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Thank you so much! I thought it would be something much more complex!! –  hyosafi Feb 19 '13 at 21:25

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