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When the keyboardWillHide, I scroll the tableView to a specified point. The code is below. This works well.

Now, I implement NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate. I set it "on" by setting fetchedResultsController.delegate = self; The scroll animation is interrupted. The NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate is calling [tableView beginUpdates], which I think is causing the interruption on the tableView animation.

How can I prevent the scroll animation from being interrupted and still implement NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate?

- (void)keyboardWillHide:(NSNotification *)notification {
    [screen setHidden:YES];
    [suggestView setHidden:YES];

    [_tableView setContentOffset:origin animated:YES];
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I found out that you can't do animations in keyboardWillHide. You shouldn't do any animation in any "WILL" event.

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